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Waste management fees

Waste management fees are distrainable fees governed by public law and are used to cover expenses caused by waste management. As stated earlier, the waste management fees are affected e.g. by property type and waste management service. 

Regardless of how dry and biowaste management is organized at the property, an apartment-specific eco-fee is charged from all permanent and holiday property owners or tenants. The eco-fee is used to cover free or unprofitable waste management services such as collection of recoverable and hazardous waste including the collection of medical waste at pharmacies, services provided by manned waste centres, distribution of information, and advising services. Eco-fee is also used to fund eco-point and waste centre investments. Eco-fee also includes a municipal and official fees. The municipal fee is credited to the municipalities, and the official fee is credited to the Waste Management Committee of South Karelia.