Waste management of properties

Waste management in South-Carelia

Waste management of properties



WASTE management fees

Waste management of properties

Waste management of residential properties is regulated by the Waste Act and municipal waste management regulations. Municipalities in the region of South Karelia, all residential properties must be covered by waste management. In agglomerations the properties must be covered by waste transport, at least for dry waste.

The obligation to sort biowaste applies to all residential properties and holiday homes in South Karelia. In agglomerations and along the driving routes of a biowaste truck, it is possible to join the transport of biowaste on a property-by-property basis. Biowaste can also be treated on the property by composting it in an appropriate composter.

In a sparsely populated area, there are shared collection points for the dry waste of permanent and leisure residents, for the use of which an annual fee is paid. For properties in sparsely populated areas, composting is the primary treatment option for biowaste, a few area collection points also have a biowaste area collection experiment.

Recyclable waste, ie glass packaging, small metal items, cardboard packaging, plastic packaging and paper, can be delivered to ecopoints. In the agglomerations of Lappeenranta, Imatra, Ruokolahti, Luumäki and Taipalsaari, it is also possible to order the collection of plastic packaging from the property. We also offer multi-compartment service in the agglomerations of Imatra and Lappeenranta.

This page presents options for arranging waste management for the property.



Transportation service for drywaste and biowaste

The property has its own dry and bio-waste bins, which are regularly emptied by a garbage truck. Emptying service is possible in urban areas and along the routes of garbage trucks.

The emptying interval for the dry waste container can be 1, 2, 4, (in agglomerations 6) or 8 weeks. The emptying interval of the biowaste container can be up to 1, 2 or 4 weeks in winter and 1 or 2 weeks in summer (1.5 – 30.9.).

An exemption from the 12-week or 16-week emptying interval can be applied for from the South Karelian Waste Management Authority. For holiday homes in summer use, the minimum obligation under the waste management regulations is two emptyings during the summer season.

It is also possible to take the biowaste emptying service only for the winter, if you compost the biowaste during the summer.

The waste bins must be equipped with wheels and must be suitable for mechanical emptying. The suitable waste bins can be purchased for example from Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto Oy and DIY stores.


Kuivajäteastia ja kompostori

Transportation service for dry waste, composting for bio waste

There is a container for dry waste on the property, which is regularly emptied by a garbage truck.

Biowaste is composted in a proper composter on the property. In a sparsely populated area, composting is often the primary way to treat biowaste, but it is also possible to join the emptying service if the property is located on the route of the biowaste truck.



Shared waste bins

Neighbours or other nearby properties can have shared waste bins. This entails that the parties have signed a contract on the sharing of the waste bins and delivered a copy of the contract to Etelä-Karjalan Jätehuolto Oy. Normally, only one invoice is sent to the manager of the shared waste bins for emptying of the bins. The manager then divides the invoice between the participants based on their mutual contract.



Local waste collection point (only in sparsely populated areas))

If property-specific waste collection cannot for some reason be organized, for example in cases where the property is located far from the regular route of the waste collection truck, a local waste collection point will be designated to the property. Local waste collection points are meant for regular domestic dry waste and can only be used by properties that have paid the annual fee. No construction waste, furniture, or other large-sized waste, hazardous waste, electronic waste, or biowaste must be left at the local waste collection point or in its bins. They have to be brought to the municipal waste stations or to Kukkuroinmäki waste centre. Biowaste should be composted at property.


Additional service: Collection of plastic packaging

In agglomerations of Imatra, Lappeenranta, Luumäki, Taipalsaari and Ruokolahti
it is possible to take the collection of plastic packaging as an additional service.



Additional service: Hyödyksi! -multi-compartment container

In agglomerations of Imatra and Lappeenranta (except Ylämaa and Nuijamaa) it is possible to order a  Hyödyksi! multi-compartment container as an additional service. In the multi-compartment container there are individual compartments for cardboard, metal, plastic packaging and glass packaging.